Saturday, July 11, 2015

Fun with Slime: Science Saturday:

Two weeks ago we had a few kids over for a just because slumber party.  In between playing video games and soccer the kids wanted to do a science experiment.  So we did a simple science experiment that I do with my students in class.  We made slime.

To make slime you will need:
- 1 tsp borax (this is a laundry booster found with the laundry detergent)
- 4 oz glue  (clear glue will make clear slime and glitter glue will make glitter slime)
- 1/2 cup tap water
- 1/2 cup hot water
- two cups or containers
- spoon for stirring
- food coloring if you want to add color

Here is how we made our slime.

Part 1: In one cup / container
-First: pour 1/2 cup of tap water into the cup
- Second: pour 4oz of glue into the cup
- Third: add food coloring to the cup and then stir everything together

Part 2: In a second cup / container
- Fourth: put 1tsp of borax into the cup

Part 3: Mix it together
- Fifth: Pour the cup with the borax into the cup with the glue
- Sixth: mix everything together. After awhile this might get difficult as the ingredients start to combine together.
- Seventh: take it out of the container and have fun playing with it.

     If the slime is a little to wet, which can happen, you could place it on some newspaper to absorb some of the liquid.  The kids had a great time pulling the slime, bouncing the slime, and watching it turn flat if they left it on the counter.  To save it for later simply place it in a ziplock bag.

    I hope you have fun making your own slime.  Let me know how it turned out in the comments below. 

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