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  1. Hi Kristina

    Greetings of the day!

    I am Priyanka Pandey from Winlyfe Academy, a training and coaching company. Its owned by Selva Nadar, he is a Certified Trainer by Jack Canfield.

    As you are a certified Trainer by Jack Canfield as well, I wanted to connect with you to ask if you would be willing to train our clients on behalf of WinLyfe Academy.

    We are committed to our goal of helping every individual to grow and reach their goal and help them achieve success in every area of their life. Hence if you would be able to consider partnering with us, we would be glad to use your expertise in helping others.

    Please let us know your thoughts at info@winlyfe.ca

    Priyanka Pandey

  2. Hi, I am a Jack Canfield certified trainer. Right now I am focusing on bringing the principles to other teachers and students and I am still a full time teacher. Thank you for the offer but I am focused on other things at this time.