I love giving my students the power of learning and the skills they need to be successful in life.  There is nothing better than guiding them through their discovery of the topics, helping them learn skills beyond academics, and help them with their own personal journey.  I became a teacher because I loved helping other people understand things and I loved seeing the look on their face when they got it. 

If we, as teachers, want to see our students become life long learners than we need to stop giving them the information and help them to discover the information. My students love coming to my class and exploring the new ideas.  

I want to help other teachers move from being in the front of the class to more of a facilitator role.  I have created some wonderful lesson to help teachers do just that.  My students love them and I know you will also



  1. Hello, Do your bundles include connected expository readings? Also would I be able to 'digitize' any of your lessons?

    1. Hi, many of my bundles include expository readings. They also include lots of use of technology using videos and online labs. I have specific digital notebooks that can be useful for review