Friday, April 17, 2015

Student Choice

Student motivation.  You here that all the time.  How do I motivate my students to do the assignment. One of the most simplest ways to increase student motivation is to offer the students a choice.  This week my students were given a solar system menu choice.  Working in pairs they had to complete three TASKS in their investigation of the solar system in order to make a tic-tac-toe. They had the choice to make a travel brochure, comic strip, flip book, or presentation.   They also had the choice on which question to investigate.  Gravity’s role in our solar system? How Jupiter’s gravity influences our solar system? Is Mar’s the only place in our solar system where life could potentially exist? and Why is there life on Earth and not other planets?  The students were so engaged.  Some of them created their projects using google drive documents and some of them printed out the templates to use.  They were learning about the solar system and how gravity affects the objects and having a great time doing it.  Before they turned in their projects I had them rate their experience with the project and give me some feedback.  Here are some of their quotes. “we loved it! We had so much fun working together and letting our creative and funny sides show”.  “We liked it because it was digital, creative, and we can learn things better this way”. “I loved how there were many choices” “We liked it because it was challenging and fun”.  Most of the students gave it 5 stars with many comments like those above.  Now you are not going to please everyone and I did receive a couple of 3 out of 5 stars.  However, when 90% or higher are saying it was great we want more of these I know it was a success.  You can see some of their projects below.

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