Saturday, June 13, 2015

Science Top Ten: Science Saturday

Class Top Ten Review Book
             As I was packing up my classroom preparing to move into a portable while my classroom undergoes modernization I came across some amazing books I used to have my students do.  As a teacher it feels like every year we are taught a different strategy. Some new, research based, way to teach.  They tell us its just another tool in our toolbox to use and help our students.  The problem is that after a while your toolbox becomes so full with amazing things that you forget about some of them.  That was the case with these books.  I used to have my students create a top ten list  and a compare and contrast about a topic after they learned it and then we would put the top ones together in a book.  The books were kept on a table in the classroom and students could go back and revisit them any time they needed to.  I put the top ones in a drawer and honestly forgot all about them.  It has probably been over six years since I last did this type of wrap up.  I remember my students competing trying to create the best ones so that theirs would be the one that was put into the book.  I am going to bring them back next year but add a technology twist.  Stay tuned to find out how I plan on brining theses books into a technology classroom.
Class Compare and Contrast Review Book

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